Quotes from American Teachers
"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful CDs I purchased.  They are so refreshing and full of life.  We just started back to classes and the students really love them.  What a wonderful start to our season."

-    Diane Matthews -   PA - USA
“The CD (Music for Movement and Imaginations) is beautiful.  I’m looking forward to incorporating it into the fall session.  Once again you have amazed me with the beauty of your work, thank you!”

-    Heidi Vitso – Randazzo Dance – Michigan, USA  
"I love Richard's music ... the different styles of each track blend together to inspire the instructor to teach a great class.  The live sound makes it feel as though the pianist is in the studio!!  Refreshing!!

- Mariea Motter -
"If you are looking for ballet class music with beautiful long melodies for adagio work and stretching, The Garden Within is highly recommended.
Many of my students are commenting how pretty the music is, and for me this CD really inspires me to come up with new choreography and combinations." 

Benedicte Schøyen,
Ballet teacher at UCLA Musical Theater Dep.
Studio owner in Santa Monica, CA (Born To Play Productions)

"I just received your Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume Three and I am so excited.  When I played your CD today all of my love for dance came flooding back.  I can't wait to get to class on Monday and surprise the students with your beautiful music.  It truly makes you feel like dancing.  The tempos and phrasing make putting combinations together a breeze.  You have produced a wonderful masterpiece and I can't wait to receive the other two volumes of your fantastic piano music.  Thanks for bringing me back to the reason I started a studio in the first place, my love of music and the joy of dancing."

Cindy B. Mundschenk    -  Texas, USA 

"Richard, the Cd's arrived yesterday, thank you.  You have out done yourself!!! They are absolutely fabulous!!!!!!  I am going to use Vol. 3 today and I am sooooo inspired by it. Combinations flew out of my head with each track."The Garden Within" is exquisite. It's a beautiful one to cozy up to a glowing fire with, and is also great for choreographic work, adages, port de bras and plies. I am absolutely thrilled with these CD's. Thank you for the inspiration you give me through your music."

Heidi Vitso - Artistic Director  -  Michigan, USA
"I love the cd's!! They are absolutely beautiful!! I use them often and the students really enjoy them as well. I'm looking forward to Volume 3."

- Heidi Vitso - Artistic Director - Randazzo Dance - Michigan, USA
"I very much enjoy working with your cd's. I love the orchestrations and the style and quality that they evoke from the dancers. It's hard enough to get the students to actually dance and use their upper bodies in class during the center work, and your compositions teach them the value and the necessity of working with the music, not against it. There is a whole range of emotions within the whole CD, and the dancers are becoming much more expressive and mature in their interpretations because of your music."

- Robin Sturm - Artistic Director - Northern Virginia Dance Company - Washington/USA
"Richard, my students and I have been enjoying your CD's immensely. Nothing really compares to a live accompanist but because since your music is so good, it's the next best thing. Your Studio Inspirations One and Two have been a real treat for my Intermediate and Advanced level students. I feel I get a higher energy level from my dancers when I use your CD's and am anxiously looking forward to Inspirations Volume Three!"

- John Bishop - Artistic Director - Northwest Ballet Theatre - Washington/USA

"Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume Two is great for company classes where the dancers need strength building in their technique while at the same time inspiring them to feel the music. As Creation Unfolds Part Two is an inspiring c.d to dance to. With truly beautiful music, anyone can find a piece to use for their ballets."

Honey Almazar - Artistic Director/Choreographer/Ballet Mistress/Leading Dancer
- Santa Monica Contemporary Ballet - Los Angeles, California

"Beautiful CD Richard.  Thank you for letting me know it was out and for the gorgeous heartfelt music."

- Melanie Kirk-Stauffer - Dance Theatre Northwest - Washington, USA
" I know what a big job it is and I am sure that I speak for all ballet teachers who do not have a pianist:  Thanks a million!"

- Ellen Schipper  -  California , USA
"I often listen to the Creation Unfolds CDs when stretching or doing Yoga.  The music flows so beautifully and is very calming to the soul, especially at the end of a long work day when I am trying to unwind."

- Heidi Vitso -    Michigan, USA
Quotes from Australian Teachers
"Richard, your cd is so full of uplifting and inspiring melodies.  A lightness and also a richness comes forth which allows me to choreograph more creative exercises for my open classes.  I always tell my students that when executing technique to also feel the colour of the music.  I feel moved by music, that is one reason I dance.  Thank you for letting me be inspired by your music and sharing that with my students.  Well done!  Looking forward to Volume Four too."

- Jody Rose -  NSW - Australia

"I received your cds and they are absolutely lovely. The students are thoroughly enjoying your music which they have found inspiring and motivating."

- Michelle Madlener - Western Australia, Australia

"Richard, your work is so beautiful.  My main need is for your class cd's, and this most recent with the long tracks is fabulous."

- Jodi Wintz-Rose    - Ballet-Biz in Australia - Sydney,  Australia - formerly with the Joffrey Ballet Company in New York
"As a ballet teacher for many years, I have found Richard Maddock's music Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume Two a great asset in the classroom.  The music is exceptional and he plays with emotion.  The music can be used in an open format and has always inspired me to be able to choreograph some enjoyable yet challenging exercises either at the barre or in the centre."

- Christina Sherwood  -  Christina Sherwood Academy -  South Australia
"The CD As Creation Unfolds Part Three is great at the end of the class for a cool down.  I no longer have to search through my myriad of music trying to find what fits.  It works well and the students enjoy the relaxing tones.  The cost for the music is so reasonable I will not be going to my normal supplier as I believe I am receiving far more for my money from a professional."

- Christina Sherwood - Christina Sherwood Academy - South Australia
"Richard Maddock's CD Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume 1, lives up to its name and is truly inspiring.  It was like a breath of fresh air teaching to this wonderful music.  My students and teachers can't wait till we receive Richard's next CD."

- Alisa Finney  -  Gay Wightman School of Ballet  -  Melbourne , Australia
"The cd's are AWESOME & the students are really enjoying the new class work I have set to your class music.  Thank you so much for these.  They are wonderful & very inspirational."

- Noeleyne Wilson  -  The Ballet School  -  Perth, Australia
"Thank you for your music.  I have only listened to the class music you have sent to me and love it!  Please let me know when you have another cd ready!  I just wanted to let you know immediately how happy I am with your music, and thank you for sharing your talent with the world!"

- Inara Svalbe  -  Centenary Dance Academy  -  Queensland , Australia
"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your 'As Creation Unfolds'.  Beautiful, peaceful work.  The first time I played it at my studio, the students stopped to listen, just listen.  It has brought a whole new meaning to my classical classes. Thank you and keep creating!"

- Belinda Kawalek   - Dyanamic Moves Dance Studio  -  NSW, Australia
"Your music is truly inspiring and leads to creative choreography.  It is so refreshing to have some unset music which the students can really dance to."

- Michelle Doepel  - Silhouette Dance Studio    -  Perth , Australia
Quotes from Canadian Teachers

“The Garden Within is the perfect CD for massage. Most massage or relaxation CD’s have at least one song that doesn’t quite “go” with the rest. Every piece on “The Garden Within” blends seamlessly with the next and as a therapist, I’m happy to put the CD on repeat for the day and know that every client – whether young or old will enjoy it.”

- Natalie Arnell, RMT - Toronto, Ontario

“Over the past two years I have had the priveledge of working with Richard’s music.  Each musical CD is a well crafted piece of art, a crucial tool for teaching both technical and free style ballet in both classical and modern form.  The harmonies are both inspiring and uplifting for students and teachers alike.  Within his works I have found pieces of music for every exercise, and occasion, or reflection of mood in choreography.  When one listens to his music one will hear Richards’ love, dedication and perfection to his craft.   I highly recommend Richards’ music for dance instructors universally as it brings profound beauty to the dance studio and to the stage.  This is the music all students should be dancing to.  It will give them wings.”

- Tina Hurley – Director of Dance Express Art Academy Inc.  – Ontario, Canada
"I love your new c.d.s!!  (Ballet Studio Inspirations: Volume Three & The Garden Within) They both are so beautiful.  Your music has such inspiring melody and incredible flow.  My dancers also love your music.  They respond with such grace, energy and beauty.  I play them all the time!  For ballet class, stretching, choreography and even while driving in my car!"

- Denise LaFortune   -  Abbotsford, BC   -

"The CD's are wonderful! Thank you so much for shipping them so promptly. I have been using them for classes lately and they are quite lovely. Thank you so much."

- Natalie Pitton - Rhythm and Grace Productions Inc.

"I received your cd's and really love them.  You play very beautifully.  Thank you."

- Trish de Coverley - Divine Dance Academy - Alberta, Canada

"The CDs are just sensational and I really enjoy the music, the dancer's do as well and comment on them all the time."

- Margo Larose - En Avant School of Dance - British Columbia, Canada

"Your music is amazing, inspirational and beautiful .Thank-you
for sharing your gift."

- Denise Lafortune - Academy of Classical Ballet - BC, Canada

"Sur La Pointe ballet festival is thrilled to be able to use the beautiful ,enchanting music for our master classes held during our event at the Living Arts Centre. It is not only inspiring but lifts the 'dance soul' to new heights and movement"

- Natalie Sebastian - co-director of Sur La Pointe Ballet Festival.

"Love Inspirations 2 - my adult ballet classes love the music - especially the adagio selections."

- Teresa McMillan  -  Performance Dance Academy - Canada

"Richard Maddock is an extremely talented musician whose original compositions are a wonderful resource for dancers.  Teachers who find themselves playing the same tired syllabus pieces again and again now have no excuse!  The Ballet Studio Inspirations series will be a breath of fresh air for them and for their students.  The title is very apt.  It is clear that Richard draws inspiration from dancers - he plays with such sensitivity and is so in tune with a dancer's needs, always providing that little lift and matching graceful movements with equal lyricism in his music - and dancers in turn will be inspired by his exquisite melodies.  One of the great joys of dancing is to be able to express oneself through music, and Richard's music stirs something in the soul.  Those who have never danced will instinctively feel that connection, while dancers will long to explore each piece - it will make you fall in love with dancing all over again."

- Linette Doherty    -  The S.P.A.C.E   -  Ontario, Canada

"I received your two CDs yesterday and they're wonderful. It's great to have an inspirational addition to everyday class!"

- Carolyn Currey - Daybreak Dance Studio - Ontario, Canada

"I am thoroughly enjoying your music! I played your cd for classroom and the students (semi-pro) were very excited to hear the new music. I can imagine you feel the music as you play it. It seems that way as I listen to it."

- Marjorie Malcolm - Ontario, Canada
"The music is absolutely beautiful! I love it!"

- Lisa Hart - Footsteps - Nova Scotia, Canada
"I love Ballet Studio Inspirations - the title of the CD is entirely suitable. I know my dancers will be inspired to move beautifully! I love the eclectic variety of the CD which will keep the student's interest."

- Teresa McMillan - Performance Dance Academy - Ontario,Canada
"They all really enjoy using your music in class."

- Sandy Slemp - The Dance Factory - Alberta, Canada
"My students love the music on the first classroom cd.  I am looking forward to the second one being released."

- Ava Dalcourt  -  Dance Expressions Inc.  -  Ontario , Canada
"Ballet Studio Inspirations Volume 1 matches beautifully for both free work and syllabus work.  Richard's compositions infuse the class with an energy and spirit which is visible in the way my students physically respond to his music."

- Kelly Jones  -  (R.A.D. registered teacher) M.A. in Dance, York University
"This is more than just a class CD!  Students love it!  They "feel like they are performing while doing their class exercises."

- Anne Sprincis   -  Teacher/Dancer/Choreographer/Studio Owner -  Ontario
" Richard's music is well crafted, emotional, and is an excellent addition to any ballet music library."

- Erin Kennedy  -  (R.A.D)Teacher & National Dance  -  Ontario , Canada
"Over the past 10 years, I have been fortunate enough to work with Richard in my RAD syllabus classes.  His attention to detail and the emotion with which he plays help the girls to achieve an outstanding level of artistry...they are able to reach into themselves and access sources of inspiration and create truly magical moments in class, in exams, and on stage.  Sometimes, when the students are dancing with his music, I even get lost in the beauty of the moment and become an admiring observer moved to tears by the beauty of what happens."

- Margaret Barnes-Ahlbrand ,  MA , BScPT, TDip (RAD)  -  Ontario , Canada
"Richard Maddock's music is full of movement.  The passion that he pours into his work can't help but inspire dancers to move"

- Michelle De Brouwer   -  Teacher/Choreographer/Dancer/Studio Owner - Ontario
"Richard Maddock's work is evocative, powerful and reflective.  His relationship with the piano brings one into a rare emotional landscape, from which you won't want to come back."

- Lorna Vallings  -  Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter   -  Ontario , Canada
"Richard Maddock is a composer and pianist of great sensitivity and emotional depth.  Whether accompanying my vocal students or creating new works for them to sing, his collaboration is profoundly inspiring.  Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to his iinstrumental CDs (As Creation Unfolds Part One & Part Two), and was touched by the fluid singing lines of his melodies, and the wide-ranging emotions they evoke"

- Penelope Dale    -  M.Mus., Dip.Ed,
                              Voice Instructor for The Community School of
                              The Royal Conservatory of Music
                              Member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing
                              The Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association
                              The College of Examiners of The RCM
Quotes from United Kingdom Teachers
"The CDs arrived safe and sound the other day and I have been listening away.  I love what you are doing and am extremely pleased to have found you!  I shall look forward to hearing more very soon!" 

-  Catherine Simpson  -  AlexZanDance  -  United Kingdom
"We are all very much enjoying your music and I would love to purchase the new volume of Ballet Inspirations."

- Lynne Croome - Lynton Academy - United Kingdom
Around the World Quotes by teachers
"My girls are loving the music, and I use it most of the time.  I love all of the pieces and think your 'The Garden Within' is just fantastic.  Your music is an inspiration to my pupils in class for added feeling to dance and to me as a choreographer and teacher it adds a totally new dimension to my work." 

-  Barbara Niven -  New Zealand
"Thank you!  Thank you!  Your music arrived and I listened to it very briefly, and it is superb.  I love the memories of Satie I hear and the minor key you use.  It is really beautiful and know I shall enjoy using it.  The recording itself is excellent and the playing is so sensitive, I feel as if I all but have you in the studio with me.  The originality is very appealing.  There is something special in your playing that comes through very clearly.  I pick up extreme emotion in your playing and it is not only your artistry which is superb."

- Amy Gould  -  Amy Gould Ballet School    -  South Africa
"I found Richard Maddock's classroom CDs to be compelling, supportive and constantly interesting music.  The recording is lovely and rich in expressiveness... a teacher's delight, a student's inspiration ... and you can quote me on that!"

- Sharon Pinsley  -     Teacher/Choreographer -  Israel
"The Garden Within is unbelievable!  I love it!!"
- Renana Peleg - Choreographer, Teacher  -  Israel
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